Planting trees in the mountainous country

Just plant your tree online now and help us reforest forests destroyed by storm damage and pests in the mountainous country. aufzuforsten.

We have new areas in the mountainous country, which are made available to us rent-free and where we get local help with planting. This allows us to use the trees for only 5€ per tree incl. Setzling, wildlife protection, planting, care and material! Many thanks to the local farmer for this great cooperation!

Location: Drolshagen, Bergisches Land, Germany (currently we are working on new areas near Eckenhagen near Gummersbach)
Trees: Mixed
Planting: Every 14 days from February to September
Through. Life of the trees at the site: 34 years

Your purchase guarantees:

– A tree planted locally by local foresters or conservationists
– Planting certificate as PDF by email
– Payment of rent, long-term rent or purchase price for the area for long-term preservation
– Ongoing video and photo coverage of the planting area
– Your personal share in environmental and climate protection

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5,00 inkl. MwSt.

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