Planting trees in Malawi

Plant trees in Malawi on the African continent now and help you reforest locally and strengthen social cohesion.

The local conservationist Lowani has launched a great initiative in northern Malawi, planting more than 250,000 trees with schools, local communities and churches and protecting and strengthening the species-rich area around the huge Lake Malawi. In addition to afforestation and nature conservation, his goal is to strengthen local social structures – joint action and action should bring nature and people forward.

Since we got direct contact through a dear forest friend without an international organization or state intermediate levels, we can offer the trees here for only 1€. With projects like this, we want to make everyone’s contribution to environmental protection.

Location: Rumphi District, Malawi – Africa
Trees: Mixed
Planting: Throughout from November to February (different seasons than ours)
Through. Life of the trees at the site: New plantings

Your purchase guarantees:

– A tree planted locally by local foresters or conservationists
– Planting certificate as PDF by email, from 10 trees: planting certificate with name, from 25 trees: planting certificate with pers. Dedication
– Ongoing video and photo coverage of the planting area
– Your personal share in environmental and climate protection and the preservation of biodiversity

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1,00 inkl. MwSt.

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