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Passion for nature & future.

We want to make it as easy as possible to plant trees online. Our forest is the most effective way to bind CO2, create habitat for animals and plants and make our planet more livable. Become part of the green revolution now.


Digital support

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Projects for every budget

With us there are projects from 1€.

Reforest & bind CO2

Sustainably protect our planet.

Creating habitats

Plant trees and give space to animals.


Photo and video reports

Stories from the growing and forestry areas.


Soon here: Ecological travel

Travel does not have to be harmful to the environment.

WE Have the best projects in the world for you.

We have painstakingly tested, bought, donated and researched ourselves. The result is the most sustainable and fairest afforestation projects in the world. 

Globally selected projects

We offer you sustainable afforestation with social impact.

Bind CO2 & let the planet breathe

We want to do our part to bind CO2 in the atmosphere, reforest areas and re-naturalise habitats. Our planet is our future – because we have only one.

Stop desertification

In times of climate change, the deserts are advancing. In addition to creating new habitats in desert-related areas, afforestation and the associated wind and soil protection offers the possibility to bind CO2 and limit the desert.

Strengthening the local economy

We promote local forestry and in the near future we want to offer not only “normal trees” but also fair crops such as cocoa, bananas and papaya. In this way, we strengthen food safety and local communities.

Quickly. Sustainable. Fair.
Simply plant trees online.

Nature is not only a place to visit.
nature is home.

We are digital pioneers and want to make the world more livable and healthier with forest enthusiasts in the analogue field. Become part of our vision of sustainable coexistence and the green revolution.

Behind the scenes

Our projects

Our trees are planted all over the world by passionate conservationists, foresters and local initiatives. Small and large, the most exciting stories emerge and we can discover countries and cultures from scratch. This is what we are trying to bring you closer in our stories.